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Microsoft Azure is most commonly known as Windows Azure. Which offer a huge range of cloud services, including compute, storage and networking. We at speqto technologies have experts in building, testing,deploying and managing applications on microsoft azure.

Cloud Computing Microsoft Azure

What Is Microsoft Azure ?

Microsoft Azure is an online platform of cloud computing, which is an online portal that allows you to access and manage cloud services and resources,which is provided by microsoft. It include the resource which is a billable entity, such as a virtual machine instance or storage account and a service is what is needed to perform a task, which could be one or more resources.

It is very cost effective and affordable. It also offers enterprise-grade capabilities that ensure your business would grow along with your customers. It comes with a 99% uptime guarantee,so you have not to worry about service disruptions.

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Our Microsoft Azure Services

At Speqto technologies, we offer to our clients the best feature-rich cloud platform available in the market. We provide advanced features such as virtual machines and storage that wouldn’t be available anywhere at such prices.

User Experience Design

Microsoft Azure Virtual Machines

At Speqto technologies we offer flexible solutions for businesses that need quick implementation of virtual machines without any trouble. Our company can easily launch pre-configured new VMs with load balancing and storage systems, so you don’t have to worry about installing updates and managing hardware.

Scalability & Interoperability

Microsoft Azure Data Storage

At Speqto technologies we offer the most reliable data storage that available in the market . Microsoft Azure cloud platform will ensure your business data will be stored securely and it will be in complete control all the time, So forget about unauthorized individual access.

Security & Compliance

Microsoft Azure Virtual Networking

At Speqto technologies we offer the most advanced virtual networking available in the market, your business can easily connect VMs and web apps for load balancing to automated security.

Feature-Rich Cloud Platform

Microsoft Azure Platform is built to scale. So you have not to worry about managing physical servers again and again. All of your data files are stored remotely in the cloud that means you don’t have to purchase any additional hardware and no need to spend time on managing it.

Microsoft Azure Platform

One of the best features of cloud platforms is easily available nowadays. which provides best businesses with the infrastructure to reach their goal at any stage of operations.

Secure Data Storage

Microsoft Azure cloud provides advanced security features and keeps your business data in full control. Depending on company needs,you can use Microsoft Azure security center to secure your files.

Reliable Service

Creativity,innovation and out of the box thinking help us develop content which helps our client's improve sales and revenue.

Affordable Pricing

Microsoft Azure’s cloud computing services are extremely cost-effective and scale according to your business needs. you don’t have to worry about high space requirements, you can easily upgrade your services when required.

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