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The jobs at Speqto Technologies are designed to help our employees reach our organizational goal of exceeding customer expectations while producing products of the highest quality. Additionally, our jobs are aimed at giving our employees the much needed room for learning, growth and success. We grow as a company when out employees grow as individuals.

Blockchain Developer

0-2 year
Noida, Uttar Pradesh
Posted 1 year ago

Speqto Technologies

Requirements –

  • Must have experience with some combination of following DLT related technologies: Hyperledger Fabric, Node.js, Go, Composer, Ethereum, Solidity, Truffle, web3.js, Geth, Corda, NEO
  • Able to build high-quality software for Ethereum; Hyperledger in Go/ Solidity/ JavaScript /Python on a daily basis.
  • Knowledge of cryptographic principles of Blockchain technologies
  • Able to make crypto software usable and simple for non-savvy users.
  • Knowledge of crypto-economics on a deep level
  • Experience with developing Blockchain; Distributed Ledger technologies Experience with distributed systems and protocol design
  • Knowledge of how blockchain architecture; private keys work
  • Knowledge of Wallet RPC calls and JSON responses
  • Development experience in AWS/ IBM or other Cloud spaces
  • 1+ years of experience with cloud technologies and servers with exposure to full CI/CD processes
  • Experience with RDBMS, NoSQL, Nodejs
  • 15. Programming: Solidity, Go, Web3js, Nethereum, Truffle, Java/JavaScript on CLI applications.
  • 16. Working knowledge in Blockchain SaaS / PaaS offering, Hyperledger, Ethereum, Monax, Blockapps Strato, BitCoin Blockchain, Multichain, BigChainDB.
  • Strong knowledge of common algorithms and data structures
  • Good knowledge in data analytics on Block chain data.
  • Familiarity with basic cryptography
  • Familiarity with P2P networks
  • Strong knowledge of bitcoin-like blockchains

Other Requirements-

  • Must have experience on Solidity and Go
  • Must have Knowledge of DAPP, Defi, Smart Contract, Auctions, Deflationary, NFTs, Liquidity Pool, Staking, Mining, Burning, Yield, Farms, MEME, Gamifications, ICO, IDO, STO, Presale, Launch Pad, Bridge ERC20, ERC271, ECR1124, BSC, BEP20 etc.
  • Write excellent, lean code in the Hyperledger Suite**
  • Conduct necessary research to establish ideal solutions for software infrastructure
  • Present findings to the team members in a concise and clear manner
  • Facilitate and attend meetings
  • 1+ years on the job Blockchain experience
  • Performance tuning experience
  • English communication skills**
  • Experience with automated testing (unit tests, end to end tests etc.)


  • 5 days working
  • Healthy Working environment
  • Flexible working hour

Job Features

Job-Type :Full Time
Role :Software Developer
Experience :0-2
Location :Gurgaon
Skills :Solidity, Go, Blockchain, Smart contract

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